13 February 2023 | From UNICA

UNICA launches report on “New strategies of marketing and recruitment of international students”

UNICA has launched a report with the main takeaways of the 10th UNICA PR & Communication Workshop, which took place last December.

The UNICA PR & Communication workshop in 2022 reflected on the new profile of PR & Communication offices (and officers) in the post-COVID era, while looking at a new generation of students that will likely reshape recruitment techniques – the Generation Alpha.

This short reports compiles the conclusions of each presentation delivered during the workshop and finishes with a set of recommendations that can serve as inspiration to set up the group’s upcoming activities.


From learning to work with uncertainty to connecting with a new generation that lives in a fully digital world, this publication draws from practices adopted during the pandemic to look into the future of recruitment through experiences from the University of Luxembourg, Sapienza University of Rome, University College Dublin, University of East London, and NEO Academy.